Keleops announces the acquisition of the website 01net from Altice’s subsidiary NextInteractive. Founded in April 2000, 01net. com was under Altice’s ownership since 2007.

Through this acquisition, Keleops becomes the uncontested leader for high-tech news in France with over 20 million monthly unique visitors and 4.2 million social media followers. Building on its prior acquisitions – Presse-citron in 2018, iPhon in 2019, and Journal du Geek in 2021 – Keleops continues its strong external growth trajectory in a post-COVID-19 environment undergoing significant consolidation.

“We admire the journey from 01net, the preferred French brand for tech news over the last two decades” (Harris Interactive Survey, NetObserver – Spring 2020), said Jean-Guillaume Kleis, CEO and founder of Keleops. The acquisition is part of the group’s global strategy, becoming the leader of the French tech news market, a rapidly evolving market.

This acquisition brings together synergistic capabilities, with the editorial know-how and technical expertise from the 01net team and the deep experience from Keleops in growing audiences and generating new revenue streams.

Keleops now has the largest audience in the high- tech space in France and will bring to market an enhanced offering for advertisers looking for a strong online presence with a highly curated audience.

“Following an exceptional performance in 2021 and the successful integration of Journal du Geek, Keleops continues its organic and inorganic growth with a rigorous approach to operations and strong financial discipline, while fostering an innovative spirit” said Kleis. “The acquisition of 01net illustrates the strong desire of Keleops to continue its growth and consolidate the high tech news market in France and globally.”